US-IDF….Your Link to the World’s Dairy Industry

“Global communications and networking is the key to good business. We need process in order to conduct business. US-IDF provides that process.”
    --Dr. Joe O’Donnell, Former Executive Director, California Dairy Research Foundation
Today the ever-changing dairy industry is more global than ever. It’s critical that U.S. dairy companies and organizations be in touch with what’s happening in the dairy industry around the globe, the impact it may have here at home, and have a voice at the decision-making level via the relationship with the International Dairy Federation (IDF).

With this challenge in mind, the United States National Committee of the International Dairy Federation (US-IDF) provides that link...communications, networking, problem-solving, and another U.S. voice at the international level. US-IDF offers the only national forum where representatives of the U.S. dairy industry can meet and discuss key dairy-related issues in a non-political venue, bringing together producers, processors, FDA, USDA, universities, research centers and private companies all involved in the U.S. dairy industry.

Formed in 1980, US-IDF was admitted to IDF membership in 1981, and currently plays a major role in the work of IDF, whose membership includes 56 countries representing 86% of the world’s current milk production. Both non-profit organizations work together to serve as the scientific expertise for the dairy sector worldwide, consulting to groups such as Codex, FAO, OIE and others. Its work focuses on multiple sectors of the dairy industry such as nutrition and health, dairy food standards, product safety and hygiene, analytical methods, animal health/farm management, dairy technology, dairy economics and marketing, and environment/ sustainability.

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